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We grow a large selection of seasonal flowers: tulips, poinsettias, lilies, hyacinth, annual flowers, potted plants.
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We grow a large variety of Roses.
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We planning to produce a large selection of Chrysanthemums.
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We grow a large selection of gerberas.
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The selection process for varieties to be planted in these greenhouse is under way. We are aiming to work with the leading breeders such as:
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There are five well engineered and equipped stand-alone greenhouses at the flower growing facility (mainly Dutch manufactured equipment). The total flower growing area in the greenhouses is 26 ha. Each greenhouse has gas driven generators, high quality boilers and integrated heat co-generation systems, water treatment and irrigation systems, screening, refrigeration chambers, sorting machines and related equipment.

Via the generators we have independent electrcity generation capacity of 20 megawatt at the facility. All greenhouses have closed ecological systems and are made of galvanized steel structures with glass window roofs and sides and roofs are equipped with automated ventilation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​